The ZaZanga-9 was a powerful Anglar strike craft and Zazan's fighter of choice.

The command fighter built and piloted by Zazan himself, the ZaZanga-9 is a state of the art all purpose craft capable of going against a broad range of targets. Capable of being armed with weaponry strong against both fighters and capital ships, the versatility of the ZaZanga-9 is unmatched.

The ZaZanga-9 is an All-Purpose Fighter Craft, capable of serving a large variety of combat and support roles depending on its loadouts. In addition the craft can be used in underwater missions and is perhaps one of the best submarine craft that can be piloted. the ZaZanga-9's Unique Weapon is the Tide Mine, a rear firing projectile that detonates when enemies move near. They have a large explosion radius, and if they do not hit targets moments after leaving the bay they will seek out the nearest enemy and home in for the kill.

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