The Wolfen was the primary craft used by the Star Wolf Team during the first Lylat War.

The Mark I Wolfen was a durable fighter craft designed and produced by the Ruffian Corps. Despite excellent test results, less than a dozen of the craft were manufactured before Venom devoted its resources to mass manufacturing cheaper fighter craft. Four of the Wolfen ended up in the hands of Star Wolf, while the rest eventually were looted and stolen by raiders and pirates after Andross' death at the end of the first Lylat War.

The Wolfen is an All Purpose Fighter Craft, designed to be able to change its role depending on the mission. It's stats are comparable to the Arwing Mark II, though it is slightly slower and more durable. The Unique Weapon of this craft is the Hunter Seeker Missiles; they have very long range for a homing weapon and a short lock-on time.

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