The Viper Death Scythe was an experimental craft created by Venom and served as Gisata's personal attack ship.

Based on the chassis of the Viper invasion fighter, the mysterious Death Scythe served as Gisata's personal craft. Larger than the average fighter, it is surprisingly swift for its size, capable of making smooth 180 degree turns in place. Most of its armaments were picked for very long range combat, making it a decent artillery ship.

With decent speed and high maneuverability, the Death Scythe could get in and out of combat situations quickly. The craft was seriously lacking in armor however, making it fragile in dogfights. Rather, the craft was better armed with long ranged weapons to strike from a safe distance. The Unique Weapon of the Death Scythe was the Maelstrom, a long ranged projectile that imploded into a micro black hole in impact. Enemy craft within its radius would be slowed down and potentially held in place.

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