The Sus Hunter was a modified utility craft used by Pigma Dengar after his disbandment from Star Wolf.

Based on the L7 Venom Utility Tawler, the Sus Hunter was modified by Pigma with weapon mounts and a missile bay to give the craft combat capabilities. He used the craft on many raiding and heist missions after leaving Star Wolf and it more than proved capable of going toe to toe with professional fighter craft.

Although the craft has below average maneuverability, the Sus Hunter's powerful three engines can burst it to a very high top speed and allow the craft to outrun most fighters. The craft also has high armor values, allowing it to take quite a beating. It is perhaps best used for bombing runs, unleashing a payload of weapons and then quickly zooming away from firefights. The Sus Hunter's Unique Weapon is the Fuel Exhaust Streams. A steady stream of explosive gas is unleashed from the ship's three engines, creating a cone of highly volatile energy in front of the ship.

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