The Shogun Warlord was a space combat Mech created by Venom during the first Lylat War.

Though initially dismissed for its impracticality, the Shogun Warlord was privately upgraded by Harrion of Ruffian Corps for his own personal use. The Mark II Shogun Warlord is rather agile for its large size, while sporting decent armor and enough firepower to take on medium sized targets.

As a space combat Mech, the Shogun is very maneuverable and can glide around targets. Unlike most Mechs, the Warlord also sported durable armor plating and a powerful shield. The shield was in fact nearly invincible to most projectiles; any hit on the shield would not deal direct damage to the mech. The Unique Weapon of the Shogun Warlord was the Shield Repulsor, a large energy burst that could rapidly push enemy targets away.

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