The Sharpclaw Rex was a powerful attack ship and served as General Scale's personal craft during the Saurian Crisis.

Assembled from reverse engineered Venom technology provided to the Sharpclaw by Andross, the Rex is a large assault ship that can pick off and strike enemy targets with a large assortment of weaponry. Armed with powerful Secondary Weapons, the Rex can deal immense damage in a short amount of time and shrug off light enemy fire.

The Rex is a pure combat ship, able to enter into thick firefights and deal as much damage as it can in short order. The ship lacks maneuverability however, making it a poor choice for tight quarters and fighting faster fighter craft that it can't even get a lock on. The Rex has no Unique Weapon; rather it has a third Secondary Weapon slot for custom loadouts, allowing it bring a truly ridiculous payload of firepower into a mission.

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