The Redfang was a powerful Wolfen fighter craft used by Star Wolf after the first Lylat War.

Commissioned by the Star Wolf team in response to the Mark III Arwings, Ruffian Corps took stolen design plans and attempted to fix any flaw while improving upon the design. The result was the Wolfen X-02, nicknamed 'Redfang' by Wolf O'Donnell. Though slightly slower than the Mark III Arwing, the Redfang is much more heavily armed and can tear through any ship unable to surpass its speed.

The Redfang is geared towards pure combat. With excellent armor values and decent speed it can outgun most faster fighters and outpace slower ones. The Unique Weapon of the Redfang is the EMP Bomb, a homing projectile that can temporarily disable many craft within a large explosion radius.

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