The Pleiades was a deep space exploration ship in the service of the Fichina Science Institute, commanded by Lucy Hare.

The Pleiades shared the same features as the standard CRF01 Lylat Cruiser, with some modifications by Lucy. The entire ship was automated unlike its counterparts and did not require a crew to operate. A research lab was installed under the primary hull as well, allowing Lucy to conduct her experiments outside of the Fichina Science Institute's facilities.

The Pleiadas is the largest ship that can be piloted, just smaller than most Frigates. This makes it a very easy target for fighter craft, and dodging most weapons is difficult despite the Pleiadas' speed. The ship has decent armor however, as well as a light shield generator and plenty of HP.  Its size and power make the Pleiades ideal for attacking other capital ships and boss enemies. The Pleiadas does not have any Unique Weapon, however it brings three additional Drone Wingman into a mission that can be given orders.

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