The Phoenix was Fara Pheonix's personal Arwing during her brief stay with the Star Fox team.

Built with the original Arwing's stunt craft mission in mind, the Phoenix only uses the most basic parts from the Mark III Chassis and is almost an entirely new vehicle. The end result is a fast and reckless fighter that can pull off maneuvers no other fighter craft can; perfect for Fara's reckless piloting skills.

This variation of the Arwing is a close range dueling craft. Like Mechs it can glide and orbit around targets, as well as spin in place to attack craft in any direction. It has decent armor and can withstand a beating, although its armor is in place just as much for protecting the craft from its powerful weapon as it is from enemy fire. The Phoenix's Unique Weapon is the Plasmathrower, essentially a giant exhaust stream of unrefined fuel that melts the hull of targets. The Plasmathrower also scrambles all electronic systems on any target it hits.

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