The Gyrowing was a low altitude fighter craft designed and built by Slippy Toad after the first Lylat War.

The VTOL Gyrowing was created as an urban support air craft, able to fly between the narrow street passages of heavy city environments. While the Gyrowing saw little urban combat in the service of Star Fox, the craft was very useful in the heavily forested environments of Sauria during the Saurian Crisis.

The Gyrowing can only be used in missions that take place within a planetary atmosphere, it cannot function in space. The Gyrowing's strength lies in his high maneuverability; like Mechs it can glide horizontally and pass through narrow spaces that most fighter craft would rapidly crash into. It's speed is somewhat slow however, and its armor is only modest. The Unique Weapon of the Gyrowing is the Tracer, a rapid fire missile launcher that can continue to seek its target as long as the Gyrowing maintains a manual lock.

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