The Cornerian Strike Fighter was a powerful interceptor used by the Cornerian Army, made famous by Bill Grey.

The fourth generation of Bottlenose Fighters produced by Arspace Dynamics, the AL4 Bottlenose was a significant improvement over the AL3 in terms of anti-fighter capability. Its faster speed and maneuverability ended up landing it in an interceptor role, even though it was originally intended as an all purpose fighter. It's still faster than its successor, the AL5, and some pilots such as Bill Grey still prefer the AL4 instead.

The Cornerian Strike Fighter was a high speed Interceptor geared towards dueling enemy fighter craft. Its light armor made it vulnerable to weapons fire, but the fast acceleration and speed of the craft allowed it to outrun most missile fire and stay on the tails of enemy fighters. Its unique weapon was the Shrapnel Missile, a Secondary Weapon that dealt Flak damage and had a very large explosion radius.

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