The Cornerian Gunship is a state of the art heavy assault craft and Fay Collie's choice of ship.

Designed by Arspace Dynamics as a heavy assault ship that could hold its vector, the JMU-05 Gunship is essentially the Tank of the Cornerian's fighter craft roster. Though it needs two pilots to run at its full potential, its heavy armaments and armor make it a nasty threat to most fighters and larger frigates. It is Fay Collie's preferred choice of ship, whom mastered piloting the two man vehicle on her own.

The Gunship is a beast of a craft, loaded to the brim with weapons and armor. Though the ship is not particularly fast, it can glide around and orbit targets much like a Mech. The Gunship is best used when fighting superior enemy numbers of fighter craft, where its numerous missile banks can take on multiple targets. The Gunship has no Unique Weapons, but it is outfitted with a customizable auto targeting turret.

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