The Cerinian Battlemech is an ancient vehicle once built and used by the Cerinians. Few exist and it is Falyf's craft of choice.

Produced by the Disciples of Randorn, the Cerinian Battlemech was the primary vehicle used by the Cerinians as fighter craft. While smaller than most units deployed by the armies of the Lylat system, the Battlemech is extremely maneuverable and well armed for its size, making it notably hard to hit without homing weapons.

Like most Mechs, maneuverability is the strongest feature of this craft. The Cerinian Battlemech can effortlessly glide and orbit around targets and spin in place and is perfect for fighting in narrow areas like cityscapes. While the Mech does not have decent armor, it does have a limited shield generator to allow it to shrug off some enemy fire. The Unique Weapon of the Cerinian Battlemech is the Krazoa Ring Waves; a stream of homing energy rings that disables enemy targets.

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