The Cat's Paw was the fighter craft used by the rogue mercenary, Katt Monroe

A heavily modified V-RuDual fighter craft, the Cat's Paw served as Katt Monroe's personal fighter craft. Geared towards fighting at long ranges, the Cat's Paw could maintain a distance and pelt enemies with its weapons, quickly escaping with its powerful afterburners to avoid a close range engagement.

The Cat's Paw was a Long Range fighter, intended to attack targets at a distance. It had minimal armor but a very high max speed and excellent afterburners. Arming the Cat's Paw with short ranged weapons was a misuse of its potential and it was best to load the craft with Homing Missiles, Railguns, and other long ranged projectiles. The Unique Weapon of the Cat's Paw was the Arc Laser, an energy based Secondary Weapon that could continually seek out victims from long range as long as a lock was maintained on target.

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