The Mark II Blue Marine, more commonly known as the Bullfrog, was Slippy Toad's fighter craft of choice.

Created by Slippy Toad during his little free time working for Aquan Dumps, the Blue Marine X-02 is the superior update to his previous underwater assault craft. Significantly faster, the Bullfrog can also launch itself into the air and space, making it a multipurpose craft that can quickly switch between three different battlefronts on the fly.

Like its predecessor, the Bullfrog can be used in any underwater mission. Unlike the Blue Marine however, the Bullfrog is perfectly suited for air and space combat as well. It has decent armor, speed, and firepower, making it a general craft that can serve different roles depending on its loadout. The Bullfrog's Unique Weapon is the Sonic Disruptor, a rapid fire energy weapon that stuns enemy targets.

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