The Blue Marine was an aquatic submersible craft used by the Star Fox Team during the first Lylat War.

Designed by Slippy Toad and constructed by his father Beltino, the Blue Marine is a specialized assault craft for deep sea missions where conventional space craft are unable to perform. Combining techniques from Arspace Dynamics with Aquan technology, the Blue Marine serves as a slow but heavy assault craft capable of decimating ocean floor bases and larger targets.

The Blue Marine is only available in underwater missions, and is thus one of the craft to likely see the least amount of use, especially after other submersibles are unlocked. It it still a really powerful vehicle and has heavier armor than all other underwater vehicles that are available. Its Unique Weapon, the Aquan Torpedoes, are also invaluable. These slow moving homing missiles have unlimited ammunition and are difficult to destroy in flight.

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