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The Arwing Retrofit was a heavily modified version of the Mark II Arwing used by the Star Fox Team during the Saurian Crisis.

In the years after the first Lylat War, Slippy Toad made many modifications and adjustments to the original Arspace design of the Mark II Arwing. After nearly decade of work the Retrofit only slightly resembles its original hull. Age has slowed down the craft, and its not nearly as fast as the original Mark II. The Retrofit is more durable however, and sports a cheap but functional shield generator unlike the original.

This Retrofit does not handle like the Mark II Arwing that it is upgraded from and will feel slower and clumsier due to its age. The Retrofit is better geared towards slugfests instead of high speed dogfights and can pack more of a punch against capital ships with the right weapon loadouts. The Unique Weapon of the Arwing Retrofit is the Smart Bomb; a homing weapon that cannot lose track of its target and seek them indefinitely until it runs out of fuel. In order to avoid being hit by a Smart Bomb, one must destroy the projectile or dodge its passes continually.

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