The Mark III Arwing was the latest craft used by the Star Fox Team during and after the Aparoid Assault.

The Arwing X-03 was personally commissioned by Star Fox as a replacement for they aging X-02b fighters. Also known as the Assault Arwing, the X-03's sacrificed the speed of the X-02 in favor of superior armor and firepower. Capable of taking on larger capital ships many times its size and dogfight with most fighter craft, the Mark III Arwing is the go-to craft for any Star Fox team member.

This variation of the Arwing is an Assault Fighter Craft, capable of serving a large variety of combat and support roles depending on its loadouts. Arming them with Flak Cannons and Homing Missiles can make them excellent interceptors or anti-fighter craft. Heavy loadouts such as Fusion Cannons and Dumbfire Missiles can turn these fighters into swift bombers. Most pilots will prefer to mix their weapons to take advantage of the craft's versatility. The Mark III Arwing has no Unique Weapon, rather it has an extra Primary Weapon slot for custom loadouts.

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