The Arwing Interceptor was a fighter craft in the roster of Star Fox and served as Miyu Lynx's favorite ship.

Created as a prototype for the Arwing X-03, the craft was universally disliked by the Star Fox team. Miyu Lynx came to support and prefer the extreme speed and maneuverability of the Interceptor however, and the prototype was purchased and kept by the team. Armed with various rapid fire weaponry, Miyu's Interceptor is the undisputed anti-fighter vehicle, though it suffers against larger capital ships.

The Arwing Interceptor is extremely fast, and while it cannot glide its turn rate is nearly as fast as a Mech's. The Interceptor has almost no armor or shields however, it must rely on dodging enemy weapons to survive. The Unique Weapon of the Interceptor is the Flechette Launcher, and extremely rapid fire weapon that launches armor piercing micro rockets at its target. While not homing warheads, these rockets have very slight aiming and will attempt to steer towards their targets, allowing for loose targeting by the pilot.

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