The Arwing Cloudrunner is Krystal's personal fighter craft, a heavily modified Mark III Arwing.

The Cloudrunner was designed to suit Krystal's piloting needs. Also known as the Armored Arwing, the Cloudrunner has very durable plating allowing it to withstand more punishment than any other Arwing variant. This has come at the cost of speed, the Cloudrunner is perhaps the slowest Arwing to have been used by the team.

The Cloudrunner is an Assault fighter craft armed with very powerful weaponry and armor to survive in slugfests. With the right loadouts the ship can essentially serve as a heavy bomber and tear apart capital ships. The Cloudrunner's Unique Weapon, the Pulverizer, is a long ranged, rapid fire explosive energy weapon that can destroy shielding with ease.

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