The Aqua Vitae was Amanda Toad's personal Medical ship, which she piloted into warzones.

The Aqua Vitae is a quick response Medical Corvette designed to shuffle around a battlefield while under fire. The swift craft is not particularly durable, but with speed and state of the art repair systems it can quickly fix damage to itself and docked ships. While nowhere near packed with firepower, the Aqua Vitae has a powerful arsenal of close ranged and defensive weaponry.

This ship is not geared towards combat, which might initially make it an unpopular choice. It has some advantages that most other fighter craft lack however, in particular it has a self regenerating hull like all other Aquan ships. Like the Blue Marine and Bullfrog, the craft can be used in underwater missions. Its Unique Weapon, the Aquan Torpedoes, are also invaluable. These slow moving homing missiles have unlimited ammunition and are difficult to destroy in flight.

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